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Monday, November 14, 2005

The Force, As It Relates To Throwing Touchdowns

It turns out some "Star Wars" philosophy helped sustain J.P. Losman
during his four-week exile on the Buffalo Bills' bench.

The quarterback stopped worrying about saying the right thing. He
worried about doing the right thing - every day in practice - with the
help of the wise Jedi master, Yoda.

"There's a guy who's my neighbor, he's a Buffalonian, and his quote he
lives by is, "There is no try, only do,' by the famous Yoda," Losman
said. "He's been putting that in my ear. Stop talking about it. Go out
there and do it. . . . Go out and make it happen. That's the way I
want to play."

-- from The Buffalo News, November 12, 2005 Full Text